Dr Saman Hettige

Dr Saman Hettige

Ayur. Trad. Psychiatrist – Managing Director, Manasa Ayurveda Hospital.

Senior Lecturer/Vice President/Director Clinical Studies/Senatea Member“Medicina Alternativa”-The Open Int’l University For Complementary Medicines –Faculty of TCM-Sri Lanka.

Visiting Lecturer – GWUIM – Gampaha Wickramarachchi University of Indigenous Medicines, Sri Lanka.

Visiting Lecturer – University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka PGIPBS-Post Graduate Institute of Pali and Buddhist Studies.

MBA in Health Administration –Malaysia 

EMSc–Executive Masters in Science in Health Administration –Asia e University Malaysia


Our Neelammahara Hereditary Psychiatrist’s tradition has been carried forward throughout 7 generations and is currently led by Ayur Trad. Psychiatrist, Dr Saman Hettige. Our unique Ayurvedic psychiatrist practice of medication which is focused on mind and body was brought down 300 years ago. 

From Rev. Ayur. Dr. Werehera Sobitha (year?), Rev. Ayur. Dr. Erawwala Seelalankara (1906 – 1935), Rev. Ayur. Dr. Dehiwala Dhammaloka (1935 – 1971), Rev. Ayur. Dr. Dehiwala Buddharakitha (1935 – 1971), Ayur. Dr.Indrasena de Alwis (1950 – 1985) to Ayur. Dr. D. S. Hettige (1950 – 2013) and currently run by his son Ayur Trad. Psychiatrist Dr Saman Hettige. 

Our team of professionals is highly qualified and experienced in individualising needed ayurvedic treatments depending on the patient’s constitutional needs which is followed by a personal consultation to prescribe the precise medical attention. 

As we believe in our traditional practices and as well as providing our patients with the best ayurvedic experience they can receive in Sri Lanka, our team is committed to delivering a high standard of practices for the mental and physical well-being of our patients. 

Be Solicitous About Your Mind & Well-being

We are here to bring your attention towards your mind and body to facilitate and rejuvenate your well-being through our traditional ayurvedic treatments.