Do You Know that Stress is the Root Cause for Mental Health Deterioration?

The Procedure for Ayurveda Anti-Stress Therapy Program

“Manasa” ayurveda hospital in Sri Lanka  – Provides Traditional Ayurvedic Therapy to Cleanse, Detoxify, and Rejuvenate Mind, Body and Soul to promote general Wellness for Health conscious clients using 100% Natural Traditional age old Ayurveda  treatments under the guidance of an experienced Ayurvedic Doctors.

Do You Know that stress is the root cause for mental health deterioration? It could leads to many physical and mental health problems if not manage properly. That is why our system of medicine describes many techniques to lead a stress free , physically and mentally healthy long life. That is the secret of the ancient people’s lengthy and healthy life .The Anti-stress therapy program which we offer is unique and endemic to our tradition of ayurveda psychiatry

Stress has physical and emotional components  and effects us on multi directional way and may have negative influences, resulting in feelings of distrust, rejection, anger, feeling sad ,lethargic feelings,bodily complaints ,sleep disturbances  and depression, which in turn can lead to health problems such as headaches, upset stomach, rashes, insomnia, ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. While stress reduction assumes that we must first incur the stress and then figure out a way to reduce it, stress prevention is a way of life that doesn’t require a huge time commitment and aims not to allow stress to affect us in the first place. While our modern world has disconnected us from these natural cycles. Ayurveda, on the other hand, suggests a lifestyle in harmony with nature. Once you experience what it is like to live with the nature’s rhythm, it becomes a way of life and reduces stress. In our hectic lifestyle we do not only relax our body-mind, but also learn the techniques to fight the stress of daily life under challenging circumstances._ As a wellness seeker you can restore balance and harmony and return home physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually rejuvenated.

This program is designed for enhancing the overall well-being of any normal healthy person by helping in nourishing the body, revitalizing the nervous system, overcoming fatigue, promoting sound sleep, improving the sense of well being and increasing work efficiency and productivity on you. However, the practical effect could be miraculous for the people living and working in closed indoors and prone to stress related problems like chronic fatigue syndrome, lower back pain, metabolic disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, blurred vision and other eye problems, sleep disorder, digestive problems, etc. Nature has daily cycles as well as seasonal cycles that we must follow to prevent stress where each season offers the human body an opportunity for stress relief and rejuvenation.