Our Generation

Rev. Ayur. Dr. Werehera Sobitha
Rev. Ayur. Dr. Erawwala Seelalankara (1906 - 1935)
Rev. Ayur. Dr. Dehiwala Dhammaloka (1935 - 1971)
Rev. Ayur. Dr. Dehiwala Buddharakitha (1935 - 1971)
Ayur. Dr.Indrasena de Alwis (1950 - 1985)
Dr D.S.Hettige
Ayur. Dr. D. S. Hettige (1950 - 2013)

Be Solicitous About Your Mind & Well-being

We are here to bring your attention towards your mind and body to facilitate and rejuvenate your well-being through our traditional ayurvedic treatments.